Funeral Catering and Reception Services

The funeral reception allows the relatives and friends to spend some time together sharing memories and comfort. It is the time to once again remember the life lived and express your love for the deceased as well as for your family.

The funeral enterprise RITUAL offers a wide range of commemoration reception services.

Reception Service in a separate hall of a restaurant

The funeral reception needs pre-planning with respect to the number of participants, the location of cemetery or crematorium, and the food preferences of the family. Our funeral managers offer a wide choice of restaurants in any Moscow district that have a special funeral reception menu. We will take care of the whole reception arrangement including the hall decoration, the menu, the profeccional marshal of funeral ceremonies.

Funeral Catering

With the catered reception services offered through funeral home RITUAL, you won’t need to worry about cooking, finding a restaurant to host the funeral reception. By the time the family gathers at home or another venue of your choice our professionals including cooks and waiters will have set everything ready. You will not need to plan your menu, to shop for food and beverages for your guests, to think of dinnerware and table decoration. We shall arrange it for you.

Our funeral home can plan any type of funeral catering or funeral receptions that take place before, during or after the actual burial. We can arrange a simple snack service as well as casual and formal full meals.

Irrespective of the number of guests, the venue and the script of the ceremony we shall help you as much as we can giving you time to focus on what is most important.