Basic Stages of Funeral Arrangement

Funeral arrangement falls into several basic stages.

If a foreign citizen dies in Moscow

Please note! If a foreign citizen was officially employed in Russia, the employer is to be informed as soon as possible. Employers are responsible for their foreign employees and assist in transporting the decedent to the country of permanent residence.

Every foreign citizen arriving in Russia is to be registered in the Federal Migration Service by the host side (employer, friends, relatives, hotel staff). If a foreign citizen dies in Russia the Federal Migration Service is to be informed to take the decedent off the register.

If a foreign citizen originally came to Russia as tourist the death is to be reported to the consulate. The consulate assists in transportation of the deceased to the country of permanent residence.

Irrespective of the situation the host side is to inform the relatives of the decedent as soon as possible.

Please note! The transportation of the deceased to another region or country will require:

The funeral home RITUAL offers professional services in transportation including:

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A Russian citizen dies abroad

If a Russian citizen dies during a temporary visit abroad the death is registered in the respective medical institution. After that the decedent is transported home according to the insurance contract.

The Russian consulate assists in obtaining the necessary documents and transporting the Russian citizens to Russia.

Before the decedent is transported to Russia it is recommended to contact one of the Moscow funeral homes for cooperation. The Russian funeral directors take care of the container and arrange the transportation and burial on the Russian territory.

The funeral home RITUAL has extensive experience in transporting the decedents both within Russia, to Russia and abroad.

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