What is a Premium-class Funeral Ceremony?

Premium class funeral, VIP funeral service or elite funerals – all these definitions presuppose something exclusive and unique. However, contrary to the prevailing opinion the hallmark of class and elitism lies in the professional management of the funeral ceremony rather than in the cost of its attributes. Precise timing, neat script and consistency do not depend on the available financial resources but demand professional excellence of the funeral home.

It is the excellent management that makes the exclusive funeral attributes look consistent and in their proper places.

What does a Premium-class Funeral Ceremony consist of?

  1. First of all it is the neat script that takes into account all the possible force-majeure situations and minimizes the risks. The funeral ceremony script includes step-by-step description of all the procedures starting from the visitation at the mortuary up to the burial (cremation) and commemoration service or reception. Our funeral managers accompany the family of the deceased during the whole ceremony, keep watch over the proper execution of the funeral script and coordinate the junior service staff.
  2. Unique look of the funeral ceremony. Although the funeral ceremony consists of some basic stages, most of its parts are left at the discretion of the relatives. Each person is unique with his own way of life, his likes and dislikes. The funeral ceremony is another occasion for the near and dear to express their love and respect to the person now deceased. There are innumerable ways of making the funeral ceremony personal. The choice of flowers, the favorite dish of the person included in the commemoration dinner menu, a commemorative movie featuring photos from family albums. Our funeral managers will help you find your own unique way to celebrate the life lived.
  3. Exclusive funeral products from leading producers. Irrespective of the sad occasion, the funeral ceremony is another time you can express your love and respect to the person now deceased. That is the reason why it is just a natural wish of the family to have a beautiful and solemn funeral ceremony. The funeral enterprise RITUAL offers some of the best funeral products including the premium brand coffins and caskets. The top-rank produce is manufactured of solid fine wood, is uniquely designed and equipped with stainless steel fixtures. The decorative elements are handmade and contain floral ornaments, architectural patterns and motifs inspired by the famous religious chef d’oeuvres. The interior trimming is made of velvet or crepe silk.
  4. Unparalleled floral decoration. Much like floral arrangements made for other occasions, the funeral floral decoration comes in all possible forms – wreaths, bouquets, floral baskets, coffin compositions, floral monograms. The funeral home RITUAL is one of the few Moscow’s funeral homes that possess their own floristic studio. Our professional florists create individual compositions including wreaths made of natural flowers. Each composition is a work of art made of the best carefully selected flowers.
  5. Premium hearses operated by first-class drivers. The funeral home RITUAL possesses its own car fleet, including elite hearses, new minibuses and buses for the transportation of the deceased as well as the accompanying relatives and friends. Each car is operated by an experienced driver who is responsible for the assigned car. Funeral automotive equipment is arranged to arrive beforehand, the driver choosing the optimal route with regard to the traffic.
  6. Funeral catering and reception services in the best halls of Moscow managed by professional marshals of ceremonies. The wake, visitation and commemoration ceremonies are rightly considered to be the cornerstone of funeral service and require neat arrangement. Our funeral managers create a separate script for visitation and commemoration ceremonies, arrange funeral catering and larger receptions with due regard to the number of participants, the preferences of the relatives, the length of the ceremony, etc.